Defending Boston’s Nightlife

George Scrivanos is a compliance manager for NGP Management in Massachusetts, supervising the operations of numerous Donuts locations in Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. He provides management solutions to the store managers and district managers of each store visits. When he is not working, George Scrivanos enjoys attending concerts and partaking in the nightlife to be found in the city of Boston.

Some of George Scrivanos’ passions include going to local sporting events, photography, and Boston’s city life. George has a huge passion for basketball and enjoys going to see the Celtics play. George Scrivanos also loves football, and he is really enthusiastic about seeing the Patriots playing on Sundays.

A newfound passion of George Scrivanos’ is photography. George recently completed a photography class in the city of Boston. George Scrivanos takes pictures of anything from lions, giraffes, and elephants from a safari that he went on with his family, to summers trips vacationing in Greece, the Greek Islands,and other European destinations.

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